006/100 Things – How I Plot

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It has taken me over ten years to figure out how to plan and plot and develop my characters. I’ve tried making up a sectioned notebook, I’ve tried getting cue cards and sort them by subject, I’ve tried as many writing programs as I can think of and using their plot/notes systems, and I’ve tried scraps of paper.


Until recently, nothing really worked. I couldn’t keep track of it easily or I could access it easily whether I was at home or at work. Some things were just too annoying to carry around with me everywhere.


I’ve finally found what works for me, though. Two systems, one: an ordinary word file. One that has headings and an index at the front, and many uses of dot points and tables, as well as picture inserts.


And then, for when I don’t have the latest version of my index with me, and because I’ve always wanted a full notebook that has every page used, and it looks all worn in and loved, I have a moleskine hardcover.

I’m numbering each and every page, and have an index at the front. I also have colour-coded tabs so I can easily find which page I’m looking for. Or maybe just because it looks pretty.


So far, it’s all working awesomely.


About thiefofcamorr

Katharine likes to think she’s a Sky Pirate and that takes up most of her time. When she isn’t treasure hunting, she’s writing or playing video games and wishing Doctor Who and Farscape were real. She started writing at age 12 and has written almost every day on paper and most certainly in her mind otherwise – or at least, she used to, and is hoping to get back into that mindset asap. She tends to like the idea of fantasy, but her ideas themselves always seem to gravitate towards science fiction. Katharine is a judge in the Aurealis Awards, and would really like a pet chocobo.

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