013/100 Things – Radio Silence


And so I haven’t updated here in some time. I went on a brief holiday to the Glasshouse Mountains, supposedly to write, yet I didn’t write a single word. My motivation has been falling and falling, and the Brandon Sanderson critique group I’m in, once split into groups of six, has failed utterly and completely.

Only three of us are posting our pieces – my first was late as I was away, and the other two aren’t on time either. Then of the three ‘active’ only two of us have commented on each post – the other just hasn’t bothered.

The blood pact on Mythic Scribes is going strong, but I’m avoiding it through guilt and shame and argh at myself for not writing.

And no it’s time for Camp NaNo – day three, in fact – and I’ve done nothing. I’ve entered and won every single NaNo and Script Frenzy since 2004. Camp NaNo? I fail every time. Including this one, it seems.

But then I read an interview with Brandon Sanderson. And I’m sure I’ve read this fact before, but this time it caught my eye.

He finished 12 novels before be was published. And I’m sure he means 12 novels that he attempted to do well, whereas the novels I have finished have been keyboard-slap attempts through NaNoWriMo, with no real drive behind them other than to create.

So fuck it, I can do that. Fuck writing to join in with others. Instead, I shall return to writing heaps and heaps and heaps, on whatever novel takes my interest. I shall finish one and teach myself pacing and tension.

And then maybe in a few years or so, I can try to write for publishing, once more. For now, I have to write for my own enjoyment for a while.

And here’s 300 words I could have crammed into my Camp NaNo.


About thiefofcamorr

Katharine likes to think she’s a Sky Pirate and that takes up most of her time. When she isn’t treasure hunting, she’s writing or playing video games and wishing Doctor Who and Farscape were real. She started writing at age 12 and has written almost every day on paper and most certainly in her mind otherwise – or at least, she used to, and is hoping to get back into that mindset asap. She tends to like the idea of fantasy, but her ideas themselves always seem to gravitate towards science fiction. Katharine is a judge in the Aurealis Awards, and would really like a pet chocobo.

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  1. Also raising my hand for the Camp Nano Fail this June. Ah well. Oh wait, I don’t believe in the word “Fail”…. The Camp Nano Free Choice Not To Participate For Various Reasons.

    Are you going to have another shot in August or just save it all up for November?

    And as for the Fuck It element, whether you’re writing for publication or just something to do to keep you sane in the real world, it shouldn’t be for any other reason than for your own enjoyment. That’s the stuff that’ll be the best, and that’s the stuff that will likely get published anyway. Seriously, what’s the point otherwise?


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