The Gentleman Bastard Competition WINNERS!

To re-cap, I am giving away two copies of The Lies of Locke Lamora, and two copies of Red Seas Under Red Skies – the first two books in Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard Sequence – in preparation of his third book coming out in October.

The winners can choose whether they receive the book in paperback or eVersion, but they’re only receiving the first book straight away! Once they’ve read it, I’ll send along the second book. This is a little push to hope they get them read before the third book is out 🙂


But enough about that – onto the winners! I will be contacting them asap, but if you are the lucky winners and haven’t heard of me, check your spam box and/or email me to my username @ in order to sort out which address you’d like them sent to, and whether you prefer paperback or electronic.

I should drag this out a little more, shouldn’t I?

No? Righto – the winners!



Thank you everyone for entering. I’ll probably run another, perhaps for the third book alone, closer to October.


About thiefofcamorr

Katharine likes to think she’s a Sky Pirate and that takes up most of her time. When she isn’t treasure hunting, she’s writing or playing video games and wishing Doctor Who and Farscape were real. She started writing at age 12 and has written almost every day on paper and most certainly in her mind otherwise – or at least, she used to, and is hoping to get back into that mindset asap. She tends to like the idea of fantasy, but her ideas themselves always seem to gravitate towards science fiction. Katharine is a judge in the Aurealis Awards, and would really like a pet chocobo.

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  1. Omg really? Wow! Thank you so much! 😀
    And congrats to you too bunni!


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