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Two competitions for book lovers:

1. Win either 1 hardcover or 2 paperbacks equal to $20 from the Book Depository: See here for the competition.

2. Six people will win one book, one of those winners will get a $15 TBD giftcard! See here for details.


Both competitions are international (though in the second, international winner pays shipping) and I have nothing to do with either, so please use the links to enter!


BookSworn Giveaway!

Well, giving away awesome Scott Lynch books may be one thing (see my previous entry for the competition I’m running!), but a giveaway of 15 signed fantasy books comes pretty close as well.

There’s a new site called ‘BookSworn’ of 15 authors, and to kick it off, they’re running a competition. The way to enter is one of the best I’ve ever seen – you really do have to prove you’re a fan of fantast novels! 

Best of all, it’s open worldwide (always appreciated). You have until the 25th of March, and almost all the ‘masks’ have been revealed so now is the time to start working at it! Best of luck 🙂